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5 Green Flags when searching for mushroom products

Not all mushroom products are created equal. Be sure you're doing your research first! Here are 5 things to look for when deciding what to purchase:

1. Made from the whole fruiting body. A lot of mushroom products are made using other parts of the mushroom and not the fruit. We ONLY use the fruiting body of the mushroom.

2. Made in the US, and locally is even better! Support your local and American farmers by buying USA made. A lot of mushroom products are imported from China where the regulations are different.

3. Look at the extraction process. Make sure a hot water or alcohol extraction has taken place. These processes make sure the cell wall is broken down, making the compounds more bioavailable. Just drying it and taking it that way won't be nearly as effective as mushrooms that have been through a hot water or alcohol extraction process.

4. Avoid fillers. Watch out for products that contain things like maltodextrin, which mimics polysaccharides in test results but don't actually provide any benefit.

5. Avoid "Full spectrum" or myceliated grain. Be careful with products claiming to be full spectrum as they may refer to the myceliated grain or mycelium biomass, which is primarily starch. Look for products that are made from the fruiting body or whole mushroom. Again, Dryad Grove ONLY uses the fruiting body of the mushroom.

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Kayla Johnston
Kayla Johnston
6 hours ago

Great to know!


Bob L
Bob L
Jan 25

Great advice! Thanks! 🍄

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