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Garlic Seasoning Blend

Garlic Seasoning Blend

SKU: 71910478

Our Garlic Seasoning Blend adds garlic seasoning to our oyster mushroom powder to create a powerful, delicious blend. We dry and grind oyster mushrooms straight from our mushroom farm for this seasoning.


Oyster mushrooms contain glutamate, which acts as a natural flavor enhancer, bringing out the flavors in any dish you're making. Basically, it's like msg without the sodium component (monosodium, the "ms"), making it a healthier option to soy sauce, fish sauce, or even salt. Use it to flavor your stir fry, ground meat, any Italian dish, or get creative!


Add a tablespoon or two to any dish to add a splash of garlic while enhancing the other flavors of your dish. Suggested serving size is 1 to 2 tablespoon. .56 oz

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